Reetun Roy


Reetun Roy




If we talk about (even this year) some time ago, quarantine and confinement was just a fantasy. We used to watch these scenarios in those films like 'The Walking Dead' or 'The Train To Busan'. But now we are in the same place as that, minus the violence and gore.


We are still stuck at home and the number of people dead are still same. This has been a traumatic experience for many. Life-threatening and dangerous. Loved ones are being taken away from their family.


But some people are being given new opportunities and beginnings. I for one, have gained a lot from this confinement. 


For one, I discovered many new artists and am currently addicted to the worldwide K-Pop phenomenon and................................... binge-watching (guilty). I have always loved to draw but HELL I've improved. My drawings look better now. Way more realistic. Though I still stink at Anatomy I've gotten better at this.

I even took up digital art after getting bored of a pen and paper.

I've been writing a lot, singing like a dying cat, and again, binge-watching. 


If we think about it, this....... 'situation' was a just a fantasy and now is a reality. This could be a new beginning OR a punishment to humanity (been reading too much fantasy).


Well I would just say that yes, this time ain't easy, very difficult to say the least. 

But let's just look at the bright side, yeah? 

There are a lot of bad things coming from this time but there are good things too. 


I'll just end on a lighthearted note, and say thank yee!



  1. Excellent. If you sing like a dead cat come over to my home. My cat is angry on me so that might help.🤣🤣
    I shared this with my friends and they are green with envy you are my friend. According to them in the 95% chance you will be a great author like Enid Blyton I will be one of the first to get your autograph. 😅😅😍😍